LipoMax Sculp

LipoMax Sculp


    Instantly strengthens, tones and firms the muscles without exercising.

    What is LipoMax Sculpt? 

    The new LipoMax Sculpt is a modern non-invasive focused electromagnetic induction system that tones and sculpts the muscles without exercise. Its advanced technology has been designed to work on the muscle groups to strengthen and build them through a painless treatment and with no recovery time needed. The electromagnetic energy also slims down the body by stimulating fat loss, reducing the volume of the treated area and reshaping the body. In only 30 minutes per session the muscles strengthen and tone, while localized fat deposits are reduced, achieving amazing results by the end of the treatment series.

    LipoMax Sculp


    How does it work? 

    The LipoMax Sculpt is a focused electromagnetic induction system that applies energy to the treatment area, producing thousands of muscle contractions that cannot be achieved by voluntary action. By forcing the muscle to adapt to such extreme condition, these contractions trigger a response that results in the remodeling of its inner tissue, causing muscle mass to develop and strengthen. This internal restructuring process stimulates the growth of myofibrils (muscular hypertrophy) and promotes the growth of new protein chains and muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia). The result is a significant increase in muscle density, tone and volume without pain or recovery time.

    The contractions increase the fat cells’ energy usage and trigger the release of epinephrine, which then stimulates lipolysis in order to satisfy the demand for energy. The stored fat breaks down, transforming into free fatty acids that accumulate and overwhelm the adipose cells due to the intense stimulation. The destroyed fat cells go through a process of decomposition and are then naturally eliminated by the body, instantly reducing the volume of the treated area and reshaping the body.



    The contractions induced by the focalized electromagnetic energy increase the fat cell’s energy usage. The epinephrine stimulates these cells to activate lipolysis, causing the breakdown of stored fat and transforming it into free fatty acids (FFA) and glycerol in order to satisfy the demand for energy.



    Applying intensive contractions triggers the release of epinephrine. This produces a cascade effect that stimulates fat elimination. The excessive lipolysis and the free fatty acids produced accumulate in the adipose cells due to the rapid and intense stimulation.



    The abundance and overflow of FFA causes cell dysfunction and a programmed cell death. The dead cells break down and are later flushed away naturally by the body, significantly reducing the volume of the treated area.

    This focalized electromagnetic induction system exposes muscle tissue to supramaximal contractions, forcing it to adapt. The result is a deep remodeling response in the muscle, increasing its volume due to the growth of myofibrils and stimulating the development of new muscle fibers.

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